Free Wood Chips

During tree removal, trimming, and pruning, we shred everything except the log into wood chips, creating 100% organic mulch. We have large wood chipping machines that cut limbs into small shredded pieces, thus producing nutrient-rich wood chips, which can then be used for all your landscaping needs. These wood chips can be used around plants and trees, in flowerbeds and gardens, as lining for outdoor dog pens, as yard decoration, and they are also an excellent base for starting a compost pile. Please note, however, that these chips are not further processed into fine-grade mulch products such as triple-shredded mulch or dyed mulch.

Our wood chips are free and include free on-site delivery! Why free? Because if we do not give them away, we have to pay to dump them at a landfill. Besides, we would much rather have the wood chips recycled and put to good use rather than simply occupying space at a landfill.

If you would like wood chips simply call us today and request a load (or multiple loads!). When we are next working in your area and have a load of wood chips available, we will deliver them to your home or place of business and dump them in an easily accessible and relatively flat area.

For free wood chips with on-site delivery, contact us today!

Wood Chips

  • Colin Camu - Certified Arborist - SO-6603A
  • Joe Joyner - Certified Arborist - SO-6755A
  • Stuart Camu - Certified Arborist - SO-6687A
  • Jason Gillis - Certified Arborist - SO-6879A
  • Chris Reed - Certified Arborist - PD-0623A
  • Larry Eacret- Certified Arborist - SO-4160A